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How to Use

Play online blackjack for free and still be able to win real cash

After your email address is confirmed you will be able to start playing Online Blackjack for FREE and compete for our monthly Cash Prizes.

When you play Online Blackjack we calculate your Balance – the difference between all Online Bets and all Online Wins you have accumulated during the current Calendar Month. It simply means that you don’t need to worry about buying extra chips in case you lose. At Blackjack-Unlimited you can play Online Blackjack every day even if you lose.

Every Blackjack-Unlimited Player receives FREE $250 chips EVERY DAY to play online Blackjack games!

It means you may play your favorite Blackjack game EVERY DAY EVEN IF YOU LOSE. Your daily gaming experience as a Free Competition Player, however, will be limited by:

Max Bet Bets per Day Hands Available
$2 per hand $250 1


If you wish to have higher more chances to win a Cash Prize by making more bets every day and having more thrilling gaming options, then see our Premium Options. For details click here.